Stuff & Things: Part 12

Upon perceiving the flaws in my creative process, I couldn't listen to anything I'd written these past few months. So I quietly released my favorite pieces on Bandcamp and moved on.

And then I picked up this:


Excellent, excellent book. And not just for script-writing either but for learning story-telling fundamentals. I pushed through a few creative ideas and now have a nice pile of stories to base an album on. But I realized part-way through that I was repeating an old habit: trying to do it all completely on my own, in a vacuum. Which is impossible to sustain.

So to maintain this experiment of rooting an album in a story-structure, I decided to base it on one that's already written. Right now, I'm combing through some F. Scott Fitzgerald for possibilities.


I'm gonna talk about music licensing next week. In the meantime, here is a new rough sketch about Artificial Intelligence:

Kyle Preston