Las Vegas: Part 8

I returned from a work trip to Vegas earlier this week – such a bizarre place. At night, in my hotel room, I would try to work on the EP. The styles I’ve been crafting felt all wrong in that place. Ambient-classical music, for whatever reason in that city, felt weird. It was like eating pizza and sushi at the same time. 

So I caved in. When in Rome do as the Romans do is a philosophy I live by. I let the city influence me. 

And I learned that this philosophy doesn’t always work. Now that I’m home and I hear the ideas, they’re terrible. Sometimes you lower the creative bucket into your well and a gallon of dog shit comes up. This sketch is the least terrible of the bunch. 

But it represents how I felt sleeping every night in the 108 °F Entertainment Capital of the World. I’d call this piece reluctant locomotion if anyone asked – who knows, someone might make a movie about a character who is indifferent to Vegas. And I’ll have one piece ready for them. It’s good to be home is what I'm saying. 

And it takes a few days to get back into a daily rhythm. So I’ve been shooting from the hip with new ideas. This one needs plenty of work (it’s not edited or mixed), but I like the chord progressions: 

Happy to be back with my grimy strings and darker inclinations. 

p.s. Las Vegas taught me a few things:

  1. Classical music in elevators is a beautiful thing - should be mandatory
  2. Every hotel room is bigger than your Seattle apartment
  3. What happens in Vegas, stays in a smartphone attached to a selfie stick
  4. Coffee and garbage are synonyms
  5. I'm not a ‘robe guy'
  6. Smoking indoors is still a thing
  7. Cheesy Pringles cost $15.00 but Poutine (with an egg on top) is $14.00
  8. Housekeeping is a collection of ninjas that are fucking amazing at their job!
Kyle Preston