Art Prototypes: Part 7

A note from my diary:

Embrace the dirtiness and griminess of string sounds. Close mic everything. Think of it as crafting work that is painfully beautiful. I’ve been living with too much polish. Concert halls use to be rowdy. I want my strings rowdier.

I've had a few urgent (exclusive) requests from licensing libraries I work with. It's slowed down my work a bit. But groceries are important. I'll be working in Vegas the next two weeks, which should give me time to bang out more artwork, but not much for music.

Here's a few prototypes:

This last one sort of feels like the one. It conveys everything I want: remembering our roots, where we come from, etc..

Also, I'm flirting with the idea of doing a vlog style-thing for this – that is, if it's helpful for yuns. Sometimes reading (and writing) development journals takes more time than necessary. But I'm wary of the typical positive spin everyone puts in their vlogs. It creates this false reality in our heads (most social media does this). Vloggers tend to edit out the non-fun stuff and we only see the amazing-awesomeness that is their life. We rarely see the insecurities or anxieties. We need more of that. Without it, we're just viewing life through a sort-of National Enquirer lens – which is disgusting.

Kyle Preston