Shame: Part 5

It's interesting how different time periods seem to have their own arguments about what ‘real’ composers do. According to Aaron Copeland, a myth exists that writing your music at the piano is shameful. And that one should be able to write music out in a field somewhere just like Beethoven. Stravinsky counters this in his autobiography. He suggests to write music from the piano because the composer should always be in contact with La Matière Sonore, the 'sound material’.

Could not agree more. Copeland goes on to say “The method is unimportant. It is the result that counts”. With that in mind, I started working on a piece at the piano and developed a theme I really like. Here it is in simplistic form:

It’s flexible and I can manipulate it in various ways to get the emotion I want. Though it's somewhat indifferent at the moment. Eventually, I want to end on a happier note. Right now, the motif goes up as equally as it goes down. But in an optimistic form, I’d like it to go up both times like so:

Here is a delicate intro to the motif. It's barely noticeable (I think) which is what I want for the beginning. I'm not sure I'll ever reach forte in this EP, not sure that I want to.

Kyle Preston