Everything Must Be Said Again: Part 14

Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But, since no one was listening, everything must be said again
— André Gide

I’ve spent the past few weeks burning the candle at both ends, pitching for a game and working on another short film. Throughout that time, the above quote, for some reason has seared itself in my brain. It’s one of those nice reminders to have when it feels like pursuing a creative life is a lost cause. 

Anyway, someone suggested James Joyce to me. I’ve read through a number of his short stories (and they’re all lovely, particularly The Boarding House). I think I came to the conclusion that I should stick to something more abstract for this project. So I’ve begun bouncing ideas off of this book:

And the results feel good. Here’s a smudge of a concept:

I’m finishing a few cues for a licensing library over the next few weeks. And then depending on whether I’m asked to score this video game (I signed an NDA or otherwise I’d share details), I intend to ONLY work on this album until it’s finished. This 'commit to 4 things at a time' schedule is killing me - I’m in awe of composers that find a way to live like this sustainably, no idea how they're doing it.

Also, an unrelated note - I attended GameSoundCon earlier this month and during one of the panels, I heard Garry Schyman say something that made me feel good inside. He was asked to give his younger self a piece of advice. And he responded by saying "it's going to be alright".

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