As long as I've written music, I've never been comfortable in the spotlight. I laugh hysterically when I think of all the bands I've performed with - all the drunken bars I've played in over the years, under the spotlights. 

  One of my previous bands, Proximity Grey at the Newport, 2004 I think?

One of my previous bands, Proximity Grey at the Newport, 2004 I think?

Not that I didn't enjoy aspects of performing in front of an audience; it was great fun. Executing solid live shows alongside musicians I'd played with for years was a truly amazing experience. It was also ridiculously educational. Wouldn't trade it for anything. 


Realizing this desire to remain anonymous, away from prominence, has become an empowering thought I carry around with me. Growing up in the Midwest generated this effect I'm sure. After moving to the west coast years ago, I noticed most people (at least in the city) tend to be very agenda-driven. A lot of that polite courtesy I grew up with doesn't exist out here in the city. 

And that's okay. 

Though some days, I really do feel like a complete paradox - so many people are clambering to grab a piece of that American pie (I am too). Most of the time, this requires getting out there and making a name for yourself, in the spotlight. And personally, it's uncomfortable but it's also inevitable.

Some days I want to escape the hustle-bustle and go live in a tree house far from the city. Something like this:

  My future recording studio

My future recording studio

It is this desire for anonymity, dear listener, that keeps me from updating you more often. It is why I focus more on music and less on the social aspects of being an artist, a task that is increasingly difficult to pull off I'm afraid. 

I've been working on an upcoming feature film and will have lots of new music to share soon - music very different from previous albums. Outside of the film, I've been slightly obsessed trying to get choir samples and software to successfully emulate this 'authentic' sound I want. It's still rough, and needs more blood and sweat poured in, but below is a demo of something I hope will become much grander.

Cheers : )








Kyle Preston