iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & Some Reorchestrations

I decided to add my discography to the big three music sites - sort of a test to see what happens. I've been so indie artist-minded for so long that I've only ever wanted to support the structures in place that help everyone; not just the stores that favor the top echelon of the music industry.
This is why I've been such a big fan of Bandcamp and will continue to value their services above other options. They've tied their survival to that of the artists they support, which, I think creates a more friendly and artistic ecosystem. The community there is just as, if not, more important than the commercial viability of the music.

What I realized is that the big online music juggernauts are not necessarily looking out for the artists, their primary concern is for their customers, and that's fine. They also have little incentive to value their content creators as much as their customers as there's always another musician eager to fill that vacuum.

Ultimately, as an unknown, not having your music as available as possible DOES hurt you, in terms of sustainability. Let people find you wherever they're comfortable. All you can do is educate. But I do applaud the well known artists shining the spotlight on the clutching hands of the old archaic music-business model. I do wish some members of the music media would stop interpreting this as whining and actually just look at the numbers.

Anywho, Scattered Silence is now available in those stores for streaming or purchase, the rest of my discography will be added soon. I also reorchestrated a few themes from Game of Thrones to deal with my grief from episode 5. Enjoy!

Kyle Preston