New Album Art & New Song

March has been the month of distractions. So many plans made, so much left in the dirt to hectic schedules. 

Anyway, new album is on the horizon - about a month away. Here is the art work, compliments of Emily Clouse, followed by description and song. 


Scattered Silence

In modern society, so many distracting noises confine our attention. This album is a collection of ideas dedicated to those tiny moments between the roaring of daily life.

Since moving to Seattle a few years ago, I’ve been searching for ways to manage the noise of living in a loud city.  Some people love the clamor, they feel empowered by it. Initially, I sort of felt choked by it; I started craving silence, in the same way someone craves coffee. This led me to think about the uses of silence in a more societal sense. So I began amassing some of the interesting reasons people use it.

  • To hide
  • To reflect
  • To commemorate
  • To decompress, or feel a sense of tranquility
  • Remaining silent on a particular topic is sometimes viewed as a statement about the topic itself

I began crafting soundscapes that attempted to embody these things. A lot of the songs have prominent moments dedicated to the spaces between the notes.

Deliberately, I did not evolve themes throughout the album, each song feels like its own unconnected world. I'm hoping it’s helped to create a sense of disarray. Sometimes, the songs are about how we feel when we experience noiselessness. Other times, they're about something mundane - like pulling out your phone during a bus commute. You could just look out the window, but you don't. It's as if you're trying to avoid that silent moment reminding you you're a person. Other times it’s about slowing down, even if it’s just for a minute, and really looking at something. Those moments are so significant; sometimes I wish we could spend more time there. 

Kyle Preston