You’re in the middle of recording a great take, a real gem, and a car without a muffler barrels down your street


Life has been keeping me busy. Been having the time of my life working as a composer and sound designer for a fantastic puzzle game; the kind of project that I’ve been wanting to work on since I first entered the indie video game realm.

I’ve also been lucky enough to be asked to contribute a piece for the upcoming OC Remix Plants vs Zombies album, which I'm incredibly excited to be apart of. Though the stress of the blank page has been holding the work back for a bit, it feels like the track is finally coming together. If you haven’t heard Laura Shigihara’s original soundtrack, it definitely deserves a whirl.

Going to be more diligent in keeping you updated with my progress; I've been badly neglecting this blog for far too long and for that, I apologize. I hope you like the new design : )

Currently, I'm zooming down the rabbit hole of designing my own software instruments again using Kontakt; will post the fruits of my labor on here in great detail.


Kyle Preston