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It advanced from out of sight, moving with dangerous elegance. Eyes untouched by joy, filled with memories of lifeless things, cursed things. It scowled at me, hating me. Claiming me as its own.

When I died, I entered a place without form or texture - an infinite abstract. Warm light swam between me. Gazing through my falseness and guiding me along a verdant meadow.  And then it saved me.






Kyle Preston is an indie-classical composer and sound designer. He releases experimental and ambient music under his own name. 

With a background in Astronomy & Astrophysics, his work is grounded in a scientific realism. It appears in a growing list of short and feature-length films, apps and video games–including the Apple iPad Award Winner and TIME Magazine game of the year Prune. His music has been described as 'otherworldly' by the Los Angeles Times.

Inspired by minimalism, electronic and classical-light music, his work reaches for intense clarity and emotional depth. And like the aim of all art, his music attempts to inspire wonder in others. 

Website: kylepreston.com


Recent Press on Geo and Prune (Original Soundtrack):

“The music, designed by Kyle Preston, is otherworldly. Melancholic electronics sound as if they’re mimicking a string section. It’s patient — a sound for a leisurely stroll through a museum, perhaps.”

- Los Angeles Times

"Those who hear it may find themselves first calmed, then energized, much like the composer himself.”

- a closer listen

“An ambient soundtrack that Brian Eno would be proud of.”

- IB Times